Bespoke Extensions at H2L

Lucy Before and After

Lucy approached H2L with damaged natural hair, a length of approximately just 1.5 inches at the back. She desired a longer, more voluminous head of locks and a bold, beautiful black and silver finish. We offered a solution that not only met but exceeded her expectations achieved through our expertise in keratin bonds (K-Tips) and, in this case, bespoke colouring.


  • Severely damaged natural hair
  • Incredibly short length for extensions, particularly at the back
  • Desire for a unique and challenging black and silver finish

To achieve Lucy’s desired look, we used a combination of bespoke coloured extensions, carefully selected to blend seamlessly with her natural hair. Utilising keratin bonds, we were able to attach the extensions in a way that offered a seamless finish and integrated well with her short natural hair. This method was chosen for its exceptional blending capabilities and its suitability for short-length hair, ensuring that the extensions would look natural and well-integrated.

The final result was nothing short of spectacular. Lucy’s hair was transformed from a damaged, short style to luxurious, long locks with a striking black and silver finish. Not only did the keratin bonds provide a seamless integration, but they also contributed to the overall health and quality of Lucy’s natural hair.

Client’s Feedback:
Lucy was absolutely delighted with the transformation, expressing that the results exceeded her expectations. The black and silver bespoke extensions perfectly matched her vision, providing a unique yet natural-looking finish.

Lucy’s case underscores what we are capable of delivering, even when dealing with challenging scenarios. It stands as a testament to the quality of hair, and the qualified expertise we can bring to every client interaction.

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