Hair Extensions: From Damaged to Revitalised Hair

Amy Natural Hair Growth

For many years, my client grappled with the adverse effects of wearing poorly selected and fitted hair extensions, which left her natural hair noticeably damaged. However, today we celebrate a true transformation that bears testimony to our quality offering. Just a year ago, she transitioned to using our premium tiny keratin tip hair extensions, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable.

Her natural hair has not only recovered but also thrived, experiencing impressive growth over this relatively short period. This exceptional improvement fundamentally challenges the common misconception that all hair extensions are detrimental to one’s natural hair. In reality, the quality of the extensions, coupled with expert installation techniques, can play a pivotal role in enhancing the health and appearance of your natural locks.

So, the next time you hear the blanket statement that all extensions cause damage, consider this case as a glowing example of how choosing quality can actually contribute to hair vitality. Our tiny keratin tip extensions have not just added volume and length; they have aided in the restoration of my client’s natural hair, offering her a new chapter of confidence and style.

Maintenance complete ✅ Amy’s natural hair is growing thicker and longer, it will soon outgrow her hair extensions 🥳

Amazing Hair

I can’t recommend Hair2Love highly enough.
The owner is highly professional and is very knowledgeable of the hair she is selling and what suits the consumers needs according to hair type etc.
She is extremely approachable and very happy to give advise on any area of the extensions, fittings, care and maintenance.
This is the third hair purchase I have made and all have been the perfect colour match to what I had requested and is of an excellent quality and long lasting.
I would also recommend buying the hair extension products she is now selling.
These are very competitively priced and compared to the high street brands have improved the maintenance of my hair, keeping healthy and shiny and hence the extensions are lasting for longer.
In summary the hair and service is extremely well priced and I wouldn’t buy hair extensions for another supplier.


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