Maintenance Session Achieves Lightweight, Natural Look”

Ceri Before and After

Time for a maintenance session with the wonderful Ceri! Utilising a mere 80 grams of hair, we’ve crafted a natural appearance that is not only feather-light but also easy to maintain and comfortable for daily wear. A heartfelt thank you to Ceri for her glowing review. We’re eager to welcome you back for your next appointment in roughly three months.

Hair2Love is the best…Had my hair for months and was never expecting it would last. It has lasted amazingly and the quality is just outstanding… I would never go else where again…not just the hair it’s the service you receive too, it’s just out this world I would highly recommend, girls….You will not be disappointed, best hair, best hair-service ever, thank you again for making me feel confident in myself and my best hair ❤️


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