Superior Grade Remy Hair Extensions

Amour signifies a hidden passion, and the quality of this hair stirs just that—a passion for excellence, along with the promise of comfort and discretion. Your secret is safe with us.

Each pack contains 20 tapes, equating to approximately 50g per pack. For a full head, 2-3 packs are recommended, with the requirement varying based on your natural hair length.

Who Is This For?

Targeted at high-calibre professional salons and studios in the UK and internationally, Remy Amour Hair Extensions feature 100% Remy human hair of Western European structure and weight, ensuring a seamless blend with your natural hair.

Grade-A Double Drawn:

Compared to Single or Middle Drawn hair, this is fuller and provides an elegant appearance. The slightly thinner ends meld seamlessly with natural hair, offering a refined look without requiring significant blending. Despite its luxurious longevity, the double-drawn grade does not compromise on quality. For more details on varying grades of Double Drawn hair, please read further on the Hair2Love website by clicking here.

100% Authentic Remy Hair:

As its name makes evident, Remy Amour is comprised of Remy hair. This signifies that the hair cuticles are intact and aligned, allowing for easier maintenance activities like washing, blow-drying, straightening, and curling. The hair is sourced from young girls’ braids, ensuring all strands are oriented in the same direction for an extended lifespan. You won’t find hair that so closely mimics your own.

Interested in More?

For additional information, please click here to explore more about Remy Amour.


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