Expertly designed for hair extensions while also suitable for natural hair, Hair2Love Shampoo is a UK-manufactured, tried-and-tested formula. Not only is it gentle on the hair, but it is also free from an array of harmful chemicals, offering a clean that doesn’t compromise quality.

Boasting a vegan-friendly and cruelty-free composition, this shampoo is devoid of harsh elements such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, SLES, and Sodium Chloride. It is the ideal option for individuals with sensitive scalps or those in search of a specialised hair extension shampoo.

Utilising Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate (ALS) as a surfactant, our shampoo promises an effective yet mild cleanse, proficiently eliminating oil, dirt, and other residues from your hair and scalp. In comparison to completely sulphate-free alternatives, our product ensures superior cleansing efficacy.

The larger molecular size of ALS reduces its ability to penetrate the skin’s surface, lessening the likelihood of irritation to the sensitive layers of skin cells underneath. This makes it particularly advantageous for those who shampoo frequently or have sensitive scalps.

One of ALS’s attributes is its robust foaming capacity, which generates the luxurious lather often equated with thorough cleaning. This amalgamation of effective cleansing and minimised irritability makes ALS a considerate ingredient in our shampoo, aligning performance with skin-friendliness.

Directions: For an outstanding clean, a small quantity is sufficient. To use, wet your hair, apply the shampoo, rinse, and repeat as necessary.


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